Leaders able to take the biggest positions in Brazil

Four Community is the network of fellows from the education programs of Instituto Four.


Leaders who work for a developed Brazil

The Four Community brings together all former participants of the Instituto Four's training programs. It is the continuation of our training work, and its mission is to accelerate our fellows and the ventures created by them.

The Four Community is the realization of a long-term vision of Brazil developed. We believe that our leaders will follow paths of success and notoriety in the trajectories they decide to follow, and we need to be present in the moments of greatest difficulty, ensuring a growing trajectory for those who are willing to do great things in Brazil.


fellows are part of the Four Community.


States are represented by our leaders. We want to reach 100% of Brazil!

53% - 47%

is the proportion of men and women within the community.


The Four Community is the community that brings together all former participants in the development programs of the Four Institute, the organization responsible for carrying out the ProLíder. It is the continuation of the training and development work of Four, with the mission of accelerating our fellows and the ventures developed by them throughout their careers.

Join the Four Community when you finish our training programs and contribute to a network of brilliant and diverse people, who can help you with your personal, professional, and life projects. Participants who meet minimum requirements will be members of Community Four upon completion of the programs.


The fellows that are part of the Four Community come from our training programs. As the people we select come from different regions of Brazil, this regional diversity ends up being reflected in the Community Four group itself.


Within the Four Community, the Fellow ProLíder goes through a lasting process of monitoring and support. Year after year, he responds to a Community Four Impact Survey, which allows our team to understand the unfolding of our training programs in your life, as well as your plans for the future and your goals for the current year.

From then on, we held an Annual Conversation with him, to understand, in a subjective way, the information that was given to us and to delve into the details of the form that was filled out. Once the fellow's needs are mapped, we record all the information on a fellow's registration form that increases each year that he enters Community Four.

This information is essential for the Institute to create its support and development strategy for fellows within the Community. With them, we understand the macro needs of the Community and create structured support programs to contribute to our fellows' lives.

The first program to be born within this context was the Instituto Four Mentoring Program in partnership with Learn To Fly. Since 2018, our fellows have been given life mentoring so they can better reflect on the next steps of their tracks as professionals and as people.

The Community Four's second support program is the English Study Scholarship Program, done in partnership with Learn To Fly. The partnership started in 2020 and already contributes to our fellows to achieve better opportunities and to project themselves internationally, either through scholarships or through opportunities for their business and their initiatives.


Every year, we receive more fellows in our Community Four, from our training programs. This means that, as time goes by, it grows, and the fellows of each class need to integrate for our mission to be confirmed.

For this reason, we hold events for the entire Four Community, so that our fellows can get to know each other and support each other. We believe in the idea of ​​a self-managed and sustainable network, and for that, everyone needs to understand their roles within what is being built. These events help in this regard: the more the fellows get to know each other and the network gets closer, the more they will be able to find people who think similarly, with converging and complementary life goals.


The biggest event held for the Four Community is the Four Leaders Meeting. Meeting that takes place annually, with its first edition of the event taking place in 2019, at Chácara Recanto Suíço. At the event, fellows have the opportunity to spend a weekend close to each other, share moments of relaxation, and talk about the challenges they are facing in their lives and their jobs.


We also bet on the ventures and projects that our leaders develop. For this reason, we have a business support program created within the Four Institute - from the cost of activities for presentation at seminars to the presentation to investors who can continue the projects that appear within the ProLíder.