Governance Structure

Body of Counselors

Antônio Brennand

Partner and Director

Brennand Energia

Carlos Hitoshi

Executive Director

Macquarie Bank Brazil

Flavia Faugeres

Founder and Partner

Learn To Fly

Guilherme Steagall

Founder and Partner

44 Capital

Jorge Tena

Founder and Partner

Comm Solutions

Levindo Santos


G5 Partners

Marcelo Barbará

Founder and Partner

Lanx Capital

Marcelo Cabral

Executive Manager

Instituto Arapyaú

Marcos Vono

Founder and Partner

OPER Group

Renato Mazzola

Managing Partner

BTG Pactual

Salo Rapoport

Head of Marketing, Communication, BI and BD

Cescon Barrieu

Executive Board

Wellington Vitorino


Management Team

Daniel Alves

Head of Marketing

Lucas Leal

Head of Operations and Back Office

Renata Bueno

Head of Four Community

Paulo Cruz

Program Coordinator - ProLíder