Wellington Vitorino

Wellington Vitorino has been an entrepreneur since he was a child. He founded a small candy factory at the age of 12. He worked as a popsicle seller in a police battalion for three years of his youth.

He was a public school student until he received a scholarship to attend the 3rd year of high school at a private school. He was a fellow at the American Embassy, ​​Parque da Gávea School, Casa de Espanha, and Oxford English Center. He is also a fellow of Fundação Estudar for graduation in Brazil. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Ibmec / RJ.

He is the founder of Instituto Four, an organization responsible for ProLíder, a program for the development of young leaders for the country. He worked at Stone SA, a means of payment company, running a corporate education project.

He is currently Executive Director of the Four Institute and a fellow of the Arymax Foundation's Young Talent Program.