O Instituto Four

O Instituto Four é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que busca selecionar, formar e desenvolver jovens líderes que pensam em maneiras de solucionar os maiores problemas do Brasil e almejam estar nos principais espaços de tomada de decisão do país.

Instituto Four is a non-profi organization that selects, educates and develops young leaders that think in ways to solve Brazil's biggest problems and aim at being in the country's main decision-making positions.

We believe that complaining won't change anything and foster spaces for discussion and innovative thinking together with people from different backgrounds, seeking to bring concrete and positive results to Brazilian society.

We have created a highly collaborative business model: we invite people and institutions of reference to help build future great Brazilian leaders by conducting debates on the country's main problems, their causes and how to solve them.

The result of this discussion are sophisticated and high-impact projects, co-created by participants who are diverse in race, gender, ideology, and religious beliefe, with the main purpose of contributing to end Brazil's major problems.


Select, train, and develop young leaders to bring concrete and positive results to Brazilian society.

Our Vision

To be the best institution on the training and acceleration of young leaders to be Brazil's future references in entrepreneurship and politics.

Our values



Focus on Results



5-year Overview

2021 marks Instituto Four's 5th anniversary. Since the beginning, we have built our history focused on fomenting initiatives that would contribute to Brazil's development and the mobilization of our national organized civil society, focusing on the creation of a network that enables leaders from all around Brazil to exponentiate the impact of their initiatives.

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Our History

In a country as big as Brazil, how can we get our leaders to create the businesses and initiatives that will make our country developed? Our nation if full of wealth and greatness, but it is still a country where the opportunities that a young person has in her life are determined by factors such as the place where she was born and the color of her skin.

That is why, first, Instituto Four's founding team created ProLíder , which has grown to become Brazil's largest leadership development program. We understood that it is necessary to mobilize our country's youth around an agenda that will create enterprises that will have a real impact, seeking to contribute to national development. Brazil is losing its economic dividend, and no country in the world has become rich without using this advantage.

In 2016, we collected exciting stories and achieved remarkable results with the projects that were created inside ProLíder. This motivated us to go further and create a larger structure, which could increase ProLíder's impact while carrying out other initiatives seeking to bring about national transformation. This way, Instituto Four was born .

In 2017, we started our formal activities, and our second initiative was born: Four Community. Since the creation of ProLíder, we already knew that, no matter how big the leadership development program we created, we would need to continue supporting the people selected to participate in our initiatives. This would help them get faster in the decision-making spaces and positions where we believe that they will arrive so that we can see structural change in Brazil.

Since then, Instituto Four has been consolidating its bases and creating actions to increase its impact and consolidate itself as one of Brazil's third-sector players that cause the most positive transformation.

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