Instituto Four

Instituto Four is the non-profit institution that seeks to select, train and develop young leaders who think of ways to solve the biggest problems in Brazil and aim to be in the main decision-making spaces in the country.

We believe that 'Complaining does not change' - and, therefore, we foster spaces for discussion and innovative thinking with people from the most diverse backgrounds, seeking to bring concrete and positive results to Brazilian society.

We created a highly collaborative business model: we invited people and institutions of reference to help build future great Brazilian leaders by conducting debates on the country's main problems, their causes, and how to solve them.

The result of this discussion is sophisticated and high-impact projects, co-created by diverse participants in racial, ethnic, gender, region, ideology, and religious creed, with the main objective of contributing to the end of Brazil's great problems.

Our Mission

The mission of Instituto Four is to select, train, and develop young leaders who bring concrete and positive results to Brazilian society.

Our Vision

Instituto Four seeks to be the best institution in the training and acceleration of young leaders to be future references in entrepreneurship and politics in Brazil.

Our Values

• Integrity

• Protagonism

• Focus on Results

• Meritocracy

• Diversity

What we do

Believing that Brazil's solutions pass through the leaders that make up this country, Instituto Four works with a focus on the following actions:

Formation : leadership training programs focused on creating solutions for Brazil in the entrepreneurial and political fields

Development : fomentation of Four Community, the alumni network of Instituto Four's training programs through individual support programs, support to enterprises, and fostering the group of alumni.

Four Summit : event to discuss relevant national agendas, focusing on creating solutions to Brazilian problems, mobilizing different national and international sectors.

Corporate training : corporate leadership training programs focused on technical and leadership issues, such as management, panoramas about Brazil, diversity, and inclusion.