Our History

In a country as big as Brazil, how can we get our leaders to create the businesses and initiatives that will make our country developed? Our nation is full of riches and greatness, but it is still a country where the opportunities that a young person has in his life are determined by factors such as the place where he was born and the color of his skin.

Therefore, first, the founding team of Instituto Four created ProLíder, which today is the largest leadership training program in Brazil. We realize the need to mobilize young people in Brazil around an agenda that can create enterprises that have a real impact, seeking to contribute to national development. Brazil is losing its demographic bonus, and no country in the world has developed without using this force.

In 2016, we collected exciting stories and achieved remarkable results with the projects that were created within ProLíder. This motivated us to go further and create a larger structure, which could increase the ProLíder's impact while carrying out other initiatives seeking to bring about national transformation: thus, the Instituto Four was born.

In 2017, we started our formal activities, and with the start of our activities, our second initiative was born: Community Four. Since the creation of ProLíder, we already knew that, no matter how big the leadership training program we created, we would need to continue supporting the people selected to participate in our initiatives to help them get there faster in the decision-making spaces where we believe that they will arrive so that we can see structural change in Brazil.

The Community was created to be able to continue contributing to the development of the fellows of the Four Institute, and, year after year, it has been increasing the number of people who are part of it, through the gateway to leadership training programs. From Instituto Four - the main one being ProLíder.

Since then, Instituto Four has been consolidating its bases and creating actions to increase its impact and consolidate itself as one of the third sector organizations that most cause positive transformation in Brazil.