Wellington Vitorino

Wellington Vitorino has been an entrepeneur since he was a child. He founded a small candy factory at the age of 12. He worked as a popsicle seller in a pollice battalion for three years of his youth.

He was a public school student until he received a scholarship to attend the 3rd year of high school at a private school. He is a fellow of the American Embassy, Casa de Espanha, and Oxford English Centre, and alumni at the Parque da Gávea School. He is also a Fundação Estudar Fellow and holds a degree in Business Administration from Ibmec / RJ.

He is the founder of Instituto Four. He worked at Stone SA, running a corporate education project.

He is currently CEO at Instituto FOur and fellow of the Arymax Foundation's Young Talent Program. He was also featured in the Third Sector and Social Impact section of the Forbes Under 30 Prize.

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