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The Four Institute is a non-profit institution that seeks to select, train, and develop leaders who think about ways to solve Brazil's biggest problems and aspire to be in the main decision-making spaces in the country.

We believe that COMPLAINING WON'T BRING CHANGE - and, therefore, we foster spaces for discussion and innovative thinking with people from the most diverse backgrounds, seeking to bring concrete and positive results to Brazilian society.

We have created a highly collaborative business model: we invite people and institutions of reference to help build the future great Brazilian leaders by conducting debates about the country's main problems, their causes, and how to solve them.

The result of this discussion are sophisticated and high-impact projects, co-created by participants that are diverse in race, gender, religion, ideology and religious creed, with the main objective of contributing to the end of Brazil's major problems.


To select, train, and develop leaders who bring concrete, positive results to Brazilian society.


To be the best organization in training and accelerating leaders to be future references in entrepreneurship and politics in Brazil.


Integrity: taking the right actions at the necessary times, without seeking advantages or other unethical benefits for oneself at the expense of the other.
Protagonism: the attitude of seeking to take responsibility for one's personal life and actions.
Focus on results: using applied knowledge to transform ideas into projects that generate transformation and impact in a concrete way.
Diversity:  to value the representativeness that exists in Brazil and understand that, in order to discuss about the country, it is necessary to have diversity of race, gender, class, ideology, sexual orientation, religion, among others.

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