Four Leadership trainings


The Four Leadership Trainings is the training for leaders and executives of organizations focused on the specialties of the Instituto Four.

After years of managing the largest leadership training program in Brazil, ProLíder, we started to provide knowledge and content focused on the five values of the Instituto Four: protagonism, integrity, results-oriented, diversity, and meritocracy.

This content has become of great value for organizations seeking to enrich their teams with young leaders and with the values that make the Instituto Four one of the greatest references in people development in Brazil.

For this reason, we created a specific program for training the large Brazilian companies that are part of this journey with us. The Four Leadership Trainings is built with cutting edge content, dynamics, and our experience in facilitation. It is an opportunity to enrich your team with the most valuable lessons we have learned so far.

The content blocks are flexible and companies can choose whether they want all topics or if they prefer to focus on a certain topic.

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