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The Institutional Dinner Four 2022 is the event for presenting the talents and results of the Instituto Four's projects.

The Institutional Dinner is a moment of celebration with all our main partners, sponsors, and supporters. Traditionally, the event takes place at Villaggio JK. At the dinner, the approved participants of the annual edition of ProLíder are also presented to society.

The Four Institutional Dinner is one of the organization's main sources of funding and is destined for the training and development projects of young leaders so that they can become future references in the entrepreneurial and public sectors. This event brings together companies and people in an evening of renewed hope and solidarity.

In 2022, on its third edition, the event took place at Villaggio JK, a partner company of the Instituto Four. At the end of ProLíder's Selection Process, the participants were immersed in a weekend at a country house in Cabreúva (São Paulo countryside) and, on Monday, following the weekend at the country house, the new participants were introduced to our sponsors and supporters.

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