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the university of brazilian leaders

Four University is the place where leaders find in-depth theoretical knowledge and the tools to turn them into projects, businesses, and initiatives that will transform Brazil.

Knowledge and ambition to make Brazil a better place

The Four University

The Four University aims to disseminate and transform cutting-edge knowledge into concrete impact in Brazil, accomplished through our community of participants and fellows, who represent all the diversity that exists in the country. With a focus on entrepreneurship and public leadership, the Four University seeks to form the next generation of ambitious leaders capable of causing concrete transformations in Brazil.

The Four University brings together three different schools, with complementary missions and that converge to form the future generation of leaders in Brazil.

In 2022, all Four University participants will be selected through the ProLíder 2022 Selection Process. Once they have been approved for the ProLíder, they will inform which career path they wish to pursue.

The participants who decide to pursue political paths, after the end of ProLíder, they will be directed to the Four School of Public Leadership, where they will receive training on how to create public initiatives and projects that can contribute to the future of Brazil.

Likewise, participants who wish to pursue the business path will be allocated, after the end of ProLíder, to the Four School of Entrepreneurship, where they will receive training on building and developing perennial, scalable, sustainable startups and ventures with potential for national transformation.

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