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The ProLíder Experience

Pocket ProLíder are regional ProLíder events where we mobilize communities to debate solutions and exemplify the dynamics of the ProLíder trainings.

At the events, we visit several states in Brazil in person to get closer to talents and spread the impact of ProLíder through these discussions, meeting youth who are accomplishing a lot and provoking them to seek solutions to more problems that exist in their regions.

Pocket ProLíder has reached thousands of youth over the years, with events being held in 22 cities in 17 different states.


Pocket ProLíder events have already taken place in 22 cities in 17 states in Brazil. Each year, we seek to organize events in more cities to spread our brand throughout the entire national territory.

In 2022, Pocket ProLíder will take place in a hybrid format. We have prepared a free short duration program that allows participants to explore different contents concerning leadership formation and high-level debates regarding Brazil, discussing with people from all over the country, and to have a face-to-face experience in their cities.

These new leadership training formats will be explored over the last quarter of 2022 and we are actively seeking partners to be with us in delivering these formats in their cities. If you are from an organization that has an interest in being a regional partner, please get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Passa Tempo - MG
8.000 inhabitants

Salvador - BA
2.900.000 inhabitants

Chapecó - SC
224.000 inhabitants

Goiânia - GO
1.500.000 inhabitants

Boa Vista - RR
420.000 inhabitants

And more 20 cities in all regions of the country

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